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Progress in numbers

Our journey of change is continuing. For the second year running, Rejlers in 2020 achieved its highest annual earnings to-date. Our adjusted EBITA (EBITA excluding non-recurring items) for the full year amounted to SEK 149 million (138). Improving Rejlers’ operating profit during this unique year makes us very proud, but our goal is set even higher for 2025.

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A word from our CEO

We emerge stronger from a
challenging year

“Rejlers has kept up the high pace of transformation on our journey aiming at 2025 and our vision Rejlers – Home of the Learning Minds. We are a stronger company now than a year ago.”

Viktor Svensson, CEO

Building blocks for a
sustainable society

With our first-rate expertise in cutting-edge technological solutions Rejlers is helping companies, public authorities and other organisations to meet the challenges facing them today.

Energy transition

A sustainable future demands the transition to renewable energy. This entails major investments by both society and the energy industry in new sources of production, energy storage and power systems.

Energy has always been an area of expertise for Rejlers. We offer services and smart digital solutions to customers in all stages of the energy supply chain, for example in modernising, streamlining and automating existing facilities and building new ones. The switch to fossil-free electricity production currently puts a lot of focus on network reconstruction.

Industry 4.0

The ongoing reshaping of entire industries through new technologies and connectivity has only started. Companies must transform to stay competitive and to achieve more resource efficiency and circularity.

Industry is an area of extensive expertise for Rejlers. We are helping customers to become more efficient and sustainable through new technologies such as 5G, IoT, AR/VR, digital twins, AI and machine learning. We assist with everything from complete solutions for new products and processes to project management, engineering and expert services.

Future-proof communities

Due to demographic developments, climate change and increased global insecurity entire communities today need to adjust to a new reality. The digital transformation enables innovative solutions to these challenges.

Buildings, Infrastructure, Defence & security and Water & environment are areas of expertise for Rejlers where we help customers find effective, smart and sustainable solutions. Energy efficiency, digitisation, automation and electrification are crucial ingredients when constructing, rebuilding, renovating, adjusting and securing our cities and communities for the future.

The way forward

Rejlers’ strategy aims at the year 2025. We are transforming to a larger, more focused and profitable company and the industry’s most learning organization, always providing new perspectives and knowledge that assist our customers in building a sustainable future.
Our objectives are to achieve an average growth of 10 per cent per year and an EBITA margin of 10 per cent by 2025. To reach these objectives, our strategy consists of four overall components:

Grow – Twice as Large

Rejlers will become larger. Our target is to double in size by 2025 through an average growth of 10 per cent per year. To achieve this growth, we are strengthening our organisation and delivery capacity in order to win even larger projects, as well as continuously improving our ways of working. Our organisation and structure are constantly being evaluated and adapted when necessary and we are investing extensively in developing our leadership, brand and corporate culture.

Focus – More Energy

Rejlers will grow in selected industries. We have identified a number of strategic areas as catalysts for growth. One area of particular interest is the energy sector’s transition to a fossil-free energy supply. Energy is the area where Rejlers first started out and we can leverage our extensive expertise and experience across national borders as well as divisions in helping customers from all parts of the sector adapt to a new reality.

Future – Greater Customer Value

More integrated solutions are the way to higher profitability. Rejlers will focus more on projects and delivering complete solutions than on hourly based services. This way we create more value for our customers, who can benefit from the full width and depth of our knowledge of the latest technologies as well as our practical know-how. We want to be a strategic partner to our customers in helping them build a sustainable society.

Expand – New Market

We see great growth opportunities in leveraging our strong position in existing Nordic markets, and potentially one more market by 2025.

Our Vision

Home of the
Learning Minds

Learning is one of our most important assets. Rejlers is a platform for continuous learning, development and growth. At the cutting edge of technology, we help our customers find the right, sustainably oriented path on the road to a sustainable society. We provide proactive advice and never shy away from big challenges or from challenging and questioning ourselves.

Rejlers has three core values that help us realise our ambitious goals:

Open Source Culture

With a culture of knowledge and a curious mindset, we are constantly learning new things, both from each other and through our projects.
We willingly share each other’s knowledge and insights across all our areas of operation. With the latest technology and our extensive expertise, we bring new knowledge to our customers and help them make choices that contribute to a sustainable future.

Love the Challenge

We take on major challenges with enthusiasm, and confront them with innovative solutions that may have never been seen before. The knowledge we build is used throughout the business, and prepares our customers for what lies around the corner. There is no greater challenge than building a sustainable society. It is in our DNA to seek solutions that hold up over time, and we wish to take the lead in this endeavour.

Brilliant Networks

We are a trusted supplier to our customers. Through our networks we can combine the speed and adaptability of a smaller company with large-scale expertise. Our unique partner networks let us tailor solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs. We have manifold contacts in both business and academia providing us with knowledge about new and sustainable technologies being developed.


Contributing to the transition

Through our projects Rejlers is contributing to the ongoing transition to a sustainable society. We are also taking focused measures to make our own business sustainable.

Our technical consultants provide customers with engineering competence and the latest solutions that support the transition to renewable energy and make infrastructure, industry and buildings smarter and more efficient. With our own model, Roadmap to Agenda 2030, we provide customers with a tool to identify and improve their impact on UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

In order to help our customers we need a good foundation in our own sustainability work. Our sustainability framework enables us to work with focused activities toward defined objectives which are based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The sustainability framework consists of three areas: People, Projects and Partners.





Our goal is to be the leading learning organisation in the industry by creating an inclusive, inspiring and developing work environment. The vision “Home of the Learning Minds” reflects what our employees can expect from us. In 2020 we have taken further steps in defining our culture of learning and how we build it through different methods.

Since January 2020 Rejlers have a gender equal top management team, and gender equality has increased in all management teams at country levels during 2020. We are proud to have been ranked as number 17 on Allbrights green list over companies with the most gender equal management teams of listed companies in Sweden.

The pandemic led to a swift change in ways of working as many of our employees switched to working from home. This created new challenges when it comes to quality of the work environment, well-being of employees and team dynamics. With an already established digital platform, consisting of collaborative channels and a tool for measuring the well-being of employees, Rejlers could stay ahead of the game.

UN sustainable development goals:

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Our goal is to continuously increase the proportion of projects that contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals while creating value for our stakeholders. We strive to reduce the negative impact of all our customers projects through, for example, material selection, more efficient processes and increased circularity.

Based on our sustainability framework and the Roadmap to Agenda 2030 we have developed a methodology for identifying the impact on sustainability from individual projects. This work was done in 2020 and the methodology will now be put into use. During 2020 we started to measure our own Carbon emissions. Our ambition is to reduce Rejlers’ own carbon emissions by 50 percent between 2020 and 2025.

UN sustainable development goals:

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Our network and our partners are an important part of our success and ability to always provide the right competence. As we face increased demands from our customers in various sustainability areas, we are intensifying our assessment of our own suppliers. We want to ensure that we work with suppliers who live up to our own and our customers standards when it comes to environmental and social aspects.

In 2020 we have developed a foundation for supplier assessments covering environmental and social aspects. A process for checks and controls guarantees that we will prioritize partners who score high in our assessment. We are actively taking measures to ensure the quality of our supply chain and from 2020 and onwards it is mandatory for all partners in Sweden and Norway to sign Rejlers Code of Conduct and Finland will implement mandatory signing in 2021.



UN sustainable development goals:

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This is how we do it

Learning is our most important asset. Rejlers is a platform for continuous learning, development and growth. At the cutting edge of technology, we help our customers find the right path, headed in a sustainable direction. Learn more about some of our exciting projects.

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