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With a new sustainability strategy, Rejlers is investing in helping customers integrate sustainability into all of their projects. This strategy entails a higher level of ambition and focus on the energy transition, the industrial transformation and future-proofing of our communities.

Despite concerns in the outside world and a weakened economic cycle, the transition to long-term sustainable development is constantly progressing, with major investments and initiatives. At the same time, development is characterised by the EU’s strong focus on sustainability with CSRD, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, which entails major regulatory changes, and the EU taxonomy, which has changed the conditions for corporate financing.

The preparations for fulfilling CSRD are something we truly take seriously at Rejlers. The new requirements have become an important aid in the necessary work to put processes, targets and action plans in place. Focus has shifted to action, to solutions and to how companies should actually be able to deliver on their goals. Of course, this requires investments, but at the same time, CSRD will make all the affected companies better once the work has been completed.

The geopolitical situation with wars and unrest has entailed major consequences, mainly in terms of the access to energy, security aspects and secure value chains. At the same time that energy efficiency improvements have become an even more important issue, there is the risk that companies are now prioritising short-term efforts rather than long-term investments in the transformation. It is therefore even more important that we support our customers in their efforts to become sustainable in the long term. We should serve as a catalyst in our customers’ transition and shifted our sustainability work into high gear during the year with a new sustainability strategy. The goal is to deliver value to our customers through innovative solutions in the on-going energy transition, industrial transformation and the creation of future-proof communities.

The new strategy is based on us having the greatest impact by being our customers’ experts on conversion. Rejlers should highlight the sustainability aspects regardless of whether or not this has been specifically required for the assignment. In the past, focus has largely been on quality, time and technical parameters, but we are pleased to see a development where the sustainability perspective is also being included. This is why Rejlers has developed an analysis model where projects and assignments are assessed from a sustainability perspective. The goal is for the model to be applied in all assignments with the aim of identifying their sustainability potential and offering concrete solutions that mean that our customers achieve their goals faster.

Rejlers’ level of ambition is high and we want to integrate sustainability thinking into our entire business. We are driving the transformation on a broad front and are convinced that every kind of project can be made more sustainable.

In addition to our existing emissions target of cutting our own carbon dioxide emissions from scope 1, scope 2 and business travel by half between 2020 and 2025, we decided in May 2023 to adopt the requirements in the SBTi (Science-Based Targets initiative). As a result, we are now working to expand the calculation of our emissions to include all of scope 3 to set accurate reduction targets in line with the 1.5-degree target.

A stable, internal sustainability effort are the basis of Rejlers’ sustainability strategy. It involves strong actions in the climatearea, a high level of business ethics and an inclusive workplace with healthy employees. We have adopted a new policy for business ethics and in 2024 we will develop new targets in this important area. In the future, we are also planning to supplement our existing gender equality targets with an inclusion target comprising more aspects of diversity. Everyone should feel at home and thrive with us.

Through our new strategy and our tools, we will lead our customers in the transition to a more sustainable society. Rejlers’ sustainability work is a part of our business, and is changing in pace with the development of society and our customers. It is a continuously on-going journey. I am convinced that we will not only meet the customers’ expectations, but exceed them.

Malin Ljung Eiborn,
Sustainability Director

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“We should serve as a catalyst in our customers’ transition and shifted our sustainability work into high gear during the year with a new sustainability strategy.”